Flagler – It’s just a very quaint beach town

Flagler – It’s just a very quaint beach town

One block from the Atlantic Ocean, across from the one-story City Hall and Commission Chambers, a husband and wife duo run a small daytime spot called Kokomo’s Cafe. He gathers the groceries, she bakes unexpected dessert concoctions late into the evening and each morning, they both greet each guest by name.

“It’s just a very quaint beach town,” said Mark Hutsell, a retired-operations-manager-turned-cafe owner about his adopted home. Hutsell and his wife opened the cafe three years ago, but it’s as though it’s always been there.

In Flagler Beach, no chain restaurants, or strip malls exist. Strict code enforcements demand all development be no taller than 35-feet. Like an unearthed fossil, this 6-mile seaside community is like Florida’s “Land before Time.”  Sure the unobstructed aqua-blue hues of the Atlantic Ocean are the crown jewel of the Flagler County, but Palm Coast, the county’s biggest and fastest growing city, boasts the ancient live oak trees that line almost every road. Its branches dripping with Spanish moss are tangled like clasped fingers forming a tunnel leading drivers to a forgotten time.

“It’s a good representation of Old Florida”

Its in the amalgamation of history and modernity that Seaside Landings, a Patten Companies resort-style community with water access, will call home. Residents will be able to fish along the historic trails in one of the city’s hidden lakes, and golf at one of the nearly 30 golf courses either perched perfectly on the beach or among the county’s ancient live oak trees.

“Flagler is what you make it, you can make it anything you want.”

Despite the rapid pace at which the Palm Coast and Flagler Beach are growing – population numbers now exceed 100,000 residents – its small town roots are as entrenched as its hundred-year-old oak trees. As orange construction barrels start to line the streets, the city matches with young oak trees, replacing the signs of modernization, ensuring the unique features remain a part of the community.

But more than the vacation-like amenities, Flagler County is a family community. It boasts some state-recognized school systems and universities and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state. It’s a lifestyle that harkens old Florida charm and the class of a modern city.

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