Blue Ridge Mountains lifestyle

Blue Ridge Mountains lifestyle

Whether it’s the noise, the traffic or the monotony of the same entertainment scene, Atlanta residents and even those from other big cities, are seeking the peace and serenity offered by a mountaintop get-away.

Just shy of two hours from the Atlanta city traffic lights and blaring car horns are rolling fields of apple trees, vineyards, and streams filled with trout. Waterfalls crash onto smooth stones surrounded by fauna almost neon in the daytime sun. Uncharted mountain paths await the weathering created by curious feet declaring a new path. Wonders await, it’s clear why the locals unofficially pass around the slogan: “Come play in Ellijay”.

Views from Summit at Clear Creek in Falling Waters. Ellijay, Georgia.

Views from Summit at Clear Creek in Falling Waters. Ellijay, Georgia.

As the “Apple Capital of Georgia” the small town hosts festivals each fall with clever concoctions of apple treats, like fried pies, apple cider slushies, even apple wine and moonshine! One apple house is located minutes from Summit at Clear Creek, Patten Properties newest resort-style development. B.J Reece Apple House is a family-owned business operating since the 1960s. At the sprawling farm with incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, visitors can pick from 15 different varieties of apples, right from the tree.

While Ellijay boasts its apples, the neighboring city, Blue Ridge in Fannin County, earned the title of “trout capital of Georgia,” by Georgia Outdoor News. Blue Ridge is a short drive from Summit at Clear Creek in Ellijay, and has some of the biggest trout in the state. For example, The Toccoa River, according to angler experts, holds the exact characteristics required for anglers to find the most desired trout or give their hand at fly fishing. For anyone eager to grab their rod and catch dinner, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources publishes a comprehensive trout fishing guide to Georgia, but if stopping at the welcome center to pick it up doesn’t make it onto the itinerary, check out this local Fishing Guide to plan the fishing adventure.

But what feeds these streams, creating the optimal environment for delicious fish? Waterfalls. Amicalola Falls, in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest in Dawsonville, is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi. Reaching the 720-foot falls is only about 20 minutes from the Summit at Clear Creek. The road there is like driving along a natural roller-coaster, winding up and down through the mountains with fresh mountain air and vivid green fauna refreshing all five senses. The drive alone is worth the short trip, guaranteed.

A small entrance fee (five bucks) allows visitors into the state park. There, they can hike to the top of the falls — but it’s not a climb for the faint of heart! The strenuous walk summits at a trout stream and a lodge that offers 360 degree panoramic views of the cascading falls and the mysterious blue mountains. The lodge also has a full service restaurant that features Southern and American cuisine and is a full-service hotel.

A few short yards from the lodge, those with bellies full of apples and trout can bear the walk to Springer Mountain, southern terminus of the of the Appalachian Trail. Hikers are often spotted preparing for their climb, the first half ends in West Virginia and the second half, is much more challenging and ends in Maine. The park also offers camping, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding.

But for the modern outdoor enthusiast, sleeping on the mountain floor may not be as appealing, so The Martyn House offers a different type of camping on their 18-acre property — Glamping.

At the Ellijay property, three dogs greet guests and one, Hank, a boisterous, loving Golden Retriever guides guests to their accommodations, which are essentially wooden cabins built without walls. Colorful, thick cotton fabrics imported from India compose the walls. Some have plastic windows stitched into them, allowing the morning light to awaken.

Despite being deep inside dense woods with not a soul in sight and a shelter made from flowing fabric, modern amenities, like a toilet and full beds “glam” it up. Lamps, books and even a coffee pot are thoughtfully placed around the small cabin. Some offer a front porch with outdoor seating, ensuring the full outdoor experience.

On the lush property, there is a chicken coop, where guests can pet the chicks and visit with the rooster, who as I found out, doesn’t like to be touched. The Martyn House also has a fire pit and an outdoor brick oven. They also offer guests homemade breakfast each morning.

The north Georgia mountains have more to offer than can fit in words and a beauty that words haven’t yet been constructed to convey. It’s a place to experience and play, just as the residents say.

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