Selling privacy, North Georgia mountain views are in demand

Selling privacy, North Georgia mountain views are in demand


The Summit - View

Gilmer County, FL (PRNEWSWIRE) August 24, 2015—  Three little girls follow their parents onto a grassy mountain top plot. One hides behind a tree, another jumps on a rock and begins to a sing, and the third, the littlest latches onto her mom’s legs and watches as her mom snaps a photo of a peaceful Blue Ridge mountain view.

“This could be the view from your room,” the mother says to the little girl.

After relentlessly searching for the perfect place to escape for a weekend and call home, they have found their dream mountain getaway. For them, buying the lot at pre-construction prices during the one-day sales event for the Patten Companies property, Summit at Clear Creek, meant they could start building memories immediately, and put the search for a place to call home behind them.

As they walked back to their car and prepared to drive down the four-mile winding scenic drive to the base of their mountain home, another couple asked a sales agent for a property that boasts privacy.

By the time the family made it to the property’s grand entryway to set up a picnic by the lake, the couple bought a plot tucked away from the top of the mountain obscured by lush fauna, offering a view of the stream. They found their privacy.

“We looked at five or six different plots and just decided to come look,” said Nan Myers, holding a blue folder with her signed copy. “I perfectly got the house pictured in my mind. Now I just need to talk to my husband about it.”

Stories like these filled the day. It’s a Patten Companies success story that can best be attributed to a talented team that can scope out property that is stunning and affordable.

Myers said it best on Saturday, she not only recommends a Patten Companies’ property, but entrust their skill in finding a plot of land they can call home.

“I’m excited and can’t wait to build,” Myers said. “Exactly what we were looking for.”

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