West Texas looks to bring a wind farm

West Texas looks to bring a wind farm

May not exactly be West Texas, but the view is similar. Check out the open space and ability for wind energy.

May not exactly be West Texas, but the view is similar. Check out the open space and ability for wind energy.


As a fixture in the land business, we love hearing about what else is happening in the land world. As environmentalists, we are always eager to know what is happening to use the land we were given, for good.  This is a tremendous undertaking and it’s exciting to see environmental impact in can have in a positive way, if it goes through.

Let’s catch you up.

Earlier this month, the Travis County Commissioners Court took a step toward possibly building a wind farm on the land about 140 miles west of Fort Worth. The land, which is co-regulated by Throckmorton County, currently makes money from grazing and oil-pumping gases, which goes to funding the Austin school system, at least that was the intention when the Republic of Texas gave thousands of acres to Travis County in the 19th century.

“We have for a long time wanted to generate maximum revenue off of that property through a wind lease,” County Judge Sarah Eckhardt said in a My Statesman article.

According to My Statesman, Travis County Commissioners unanimously agreed to bring Michael Osborne, a now retired top official at Austin Energy. Osborne also chairs the city’s Electric Utility Commission, is working on this project pro bono, still has a lot to determine about how to turn the land into a wind site, but doesn’t deny its plausibility.

“I wouldn’t want to exaggerate and say it’s a great wind site, but I think it’s a potential wind site,” Osborne told My Statesman.

Despite the distance to Texas Grand Ranch, building a community that is in a state that values environmental protection and using the land as intended, is exciting. But the state as a whole has an incredible reputation for being environmentally conscious. It tops the county in wind power, in fact, in the past few years, “through energy market pressure and technological advancements have driven down the price of wind power,” which means fossil fuels are too expensive and thus, less desirable.

What will happen remains to be seen, but in the mean time, know your land purchase at Texas Grand Ranch is a part of a state that is trying to capitalize its resources in the most positive way possible. And that’s certainly something to be proud of.

Source: My Statesman

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